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Steven Doan Is Ready to Clean Up Frankfort!

Experienced Leadership

  • Successfully represented law enforcement in Federal Court

  • General Counsel for the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy

  • Erlanger City Council

  • Set policy at a statewide level

  • Fiscally responsible leadership

  • Passed legislation to expand freedom

Steven's experience in government has prepared him for the position of state representative.

“I have represented the people of Kentucky in all three branches of our government, from a statewide position in the executive branch, as a private attorney litigating in the judicial branch, and as an Erlanger City Council Member in the legislative branch."

As State Representative, Steven will work to better the lives of hard working Kentuckians throughout the district and Kentucky.


Steven is running because it is time that the legislature aggressively advance conservative public policy.

Steven’s Policy Stances

  • Steven is committed to defending the unborn and will advocate for the life at conception act. ​

  • Steven will support your right to self defense and will advocate for your Second Amendment rights.

  • Steven promises to guard your financial interests and will fight back against special interests seeking to raise taxes.

  • Steven is steadfast in his intent to clean out corruption from Frankfort while making it easier for you to live your life without government interference.

Steven’s Background

Steven Doan and his family reside in Erlanger, where he is a lifelong resident. A graduate of Lloyd High School (2005) and Northern Kentucky University (2009). Later, went on to receive a Juris Doctorate from Salmon P. Chase College of Law (2012).

Steven began his legal career representing police officers in civil rights matters prior to accepting a position as General Counsel for the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy in 2016. In that role, he oversaw a multimillion-dollar grant fund and a revolving loan fund in excess of $80 million.


Since leaving the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy, Steven has represented clients throughout Northern Kentucky and has actively worked to support the community through non-profit advocacy and his work on the city council
of Erlanger.

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