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Steven Doan Is Working to Clean Up Frankfort!

Experienced Leadership

  • Served on Judiciary, Education, and Local Government standing committees

  • Successfully represented law enforcement in Federal Court

  • General Counsel for the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy

  • Former Erlanger City Councilman

  • Set policy at a statewide level

  • Fiscally responsible leadership

  • Passed legislation to expand freedom

Steven's legislative record speaks for itself.

“As a father with two children under the age of three, I am deeply concerned by the state of our economy, educational system, and the erosion of the American dream. Too often our leaders make promises and never uphold them. I can proudly say that when I tell you I am “fighting for the future of Kentucky,” you can see it in my actions. I am fighting not only for the future of my children, but for the futures of children all over the Commonwealth.."

As State Representative, Steven will continue to advocate for policies that better the lives of hard working Kentuckians throughout the district and Kentucky.


Steven is running for re-election because it's time that the legislature aggressively advance conservative public policy.

Steven’s Policy Stances

  • Steven is committed to defending the unborn and will advocate for the life at conception act. ​

  • Steven will support your right to self defense and will advocate for your Second Amendment rights.

  • Steven promises to guard your financial interests and will fight back against special interests seeking to raise taxes.

  • Steven is steadfast in his intent to clean out corruption from Frankfort while making it easier for you to live your life without government interference.

Steven’s Background

Steven Doan, a lifelong resident of Erlanger, resides there with his family. He is an alumnus of Lloyd High School (2005) and Northern Kentucky University (2009), where he obtained his degree. His academic journey continued as he earned a Juris Doctorate from the esteemed Salmon P. Chase College of Law in 2012.

Embarking on his legal career, Steven initially specialized in representing police officers in civil rights matters. Later, in 2016, he assumed the pivotal role of General Counsel for the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy. In this capacity, he managed substantial funds, including a multimillion-dollar grant fund and an $80 million-plus revolving loan fund.

Following his tenure with the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy, Steven has actively served clients across Northern Kentucky. Simultaneously, he has dedicated himself to community betterment, contributing significantly through non-profit advocacy and his role on Erlanger's city council.

Elected to the general assembly in 2022, Steven has been unwavering in advocating for conservative public policies. Throughout the 2022 session, he notably served on pivotal committees such as education, judiciary, and local government. He takes pride in his consistent voting record, which includes advocating for tax reduction, safeguarding the welfare of children, and championing support for small businesses.

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